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2 Tical Late To Type Opium Weight

2 Tical Late To Type Opium Weight

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A Late To type opium weight on an octagonal base with 3 horizontal lines around it - sometimes these lines can be almost like steps. The Figure has no star mark or validation mark.
The To figure has an elevated horse-like tail with 3 spikes - each representing a country that the empire consisted of (Burma, Lanna and Ayutthaya).
The chest of the animal is decorated with a chain of small circles.

This To Type weight could very well be from King Hsinbyushin (1736 - 1776) in connection to his war campaigns in Manipur, Lanna and Sian or hortly thereafter.
The use or production of Lion-Like bronze weights more or less stopped around 1826 when Burma lost its first Anglo-Burmese War.
The To Type weight lost its significance and relevance when Burma came under foreign rule, especially because the weights were a kind of authoritative symbol or the ruler - however if you don't rule, it doesn't make sense do make that symbol.

Weight: 2 Tical = 35 Grams

Sorry for a bit unclear pictures, they will be updated in the future! Otherwise just contact me for pictures or more info on the piece.
Kind Regards,
Theodor Knutzen, Antiqua Gallery

Culture & year: Approx. 1765 - 1830 AD.

Litterature Reference: Leif Bering Mikkelsen. Opium Weights - Old Animal-shaped Bronze Weights from Southeast Asia. Commercial, ethnic, symbolic and historical perspectives. 2017.

Provenance: Ex. Private Collection, Netherlands.

Condition: Very fine, and nice bronze pattina.

Height: 3 cm
Length: 2.3 cm
Width: 2 cm

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