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Acheulean Grey Stone Cleaver from the Sahara

Acheulean Grey Stone Cleaver from the Sahara

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This beautiful Acheulean grey stone cleaver from the Sahara dates back to the early Paleolithic period, which began around 1.7 million years ago and lasted for approximately 1.5 million years.

This lower Paleolithic tool, estimated to be between 1,200,000 and 500,000 years old, represents some of the earliest known tools used by primitive humans. It could very well be part of the Abbevillian industry.

The Saharan Acheulean stone axe was crafted and utilized by African Homo Erectus and early Homo Sapiens. These simple yet essential tools played a crucial role in the survival and distribution of early humans.

Culture & Date: Acheulean, 1,500,000 - 500,000 BC

Provenance: Private Collection in the Netherlands.

Condition: Very fine.


  • Height: 13.8 cm
  • Length/Depth: 4 cm
  • Width: 11.4 cm

This stone cleaver is a remarkable piece of prehistory, offering a tangible connection to the lives and innovations of our early ancestors. Its fine condition and historical significance make it an invaluable addition to any collection of ancient artifacts.

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