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Grey Acheulean Stone Tool

Grey Acheulean Stone Tool

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A beautiful Acheulean grey stone cleaver from the Sahara. The Acheulean period began around the early Paleolithic period, which began around 1.7 million years ago and lasted for about 1.5 million years.

This lower paleolithic tool is around 1.200.000 - 500.000 years old - making it part of some of the earliest known tools used by primitive humans. This piece could very well be part of the Abbevillian industry.

The Saharan Acheulean stoneaxe was made and used by the African Homo Erectus and early Homo Sapiens. These simple tools were essential when it came to the distribution of early humans.

Culture & Year: Acheulean, 1.500.000 - 500.000 BC

Provenance: Private Museum in the Netherlands.

Condition: Very fine.

Height: 13.8 cm
Length/Depth: 4 cm
Width: 11.4 cm

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