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Third Intermediate Period Egyptian Overseer Faience Shabti

Third Intermediate Period Egyptian Overseer Faience Shabti

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This Shabti represents an overseer, and are characterized by carrying hoes in their hands. This figure also carries a bag in the middle of its back. Two features that are quite destinctive for the third intermediate period, aswell as the dynasties (18 - 25, approx. 1.500 - 800 BC.) just before and after the 3rd intermediate period. 

This example of an Shabti is rather rough in its details, which was due to the increasing popularity of Shabtis in the third intermediate period (also a period where Egypt was to a lesser degree trying to live up to the ideals from the old kingdom).

An addition to the Shabtis during this period were the head-band - due to the reign of Theban High-Priest Masaharta. It was regarded as an aid to resurrection. This figure is seen wearing this head-band.

Shabtis were placed in tombs, and there would be 365 shabtis + 36 'overseer' (10 for each worker) figures, like this one.

Provenance: Ex. Private Collection, Charlottenlund.

Culture & Year: Egyptian, Third Intermediate Period (1069-525 BC).

References: I'd recommend that you check out these two websites, besides books, for more info on shabtis/ushabtis:



Condition: Fine condition.

Height: 9.5 cm
Width: 4 cm
Length: 2.5 cm

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