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Indus Valley Decorated Cup

Indus Valley Decorated Cup

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A very fine cup from the Indus Valley civilization – part of the current north-western India and Pakistan. The cup is made of bright sand-coloured clay featuring a wide rim, and a short ring base.
The surface of the vessel is decorated with geometrical motives of lines made with a fine black and light-brown paint.

Around the beginning of the 20th century a new civilization was unearthed - The Indus Valley Civilization. Artifacts were discovered in Pakistan at a site called Harappa. Later excavations reavealed even more cities, one of the largest is Mohenjodaro. And even though we haven't deciphered the Indus Valley script we know quite a lot of the Indus Valley Civilization. This is due to the large amount of different artifacts that have been uncovered - seals, figures and statues, pottery and much more. All this have been discovered among urban ruins along the Indus Valley river.

Culture & Year: Indus Valley, 2.500 – 2.000 BC

Provenance: Ex. Private collection; acquired from antiquities dealer in Copenhagen, 80's.

Condition: Very good

Height: 5 cm
Length/Width: 8.5 cm

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