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Egyptian Osiris Bronze Figure

Egyptian Osiris Bronze Figure

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A beautiful votive bronze figure depicting the Egyptian god Osiris. You can just skim the details of the figure, details such as the face, utensils etc. The figure has very beautiful Patina.

Bronze was introduced, in Egypt, during the Middle Kingdom period, but very few bronzes were made during this period - it was first in the Late Dynastic period that we get the well-known bronze ushabtis, amulets and figures, such as the Osiris figure.
From the Saite period (664 BC) and onwards, the output of votive figures increases rapidly.
They were all cast by the "lost wax" method.
The most common votive figures are Osiris, Harpokrates and Isis with the infant Horus.

Age & Culture: 750 - 332 b.c., Late Period

Litterature Reference: Ede C., Collecting Antiquities

Provenance: Ex. deceased estate, Copenhagen.

Dimensions without platform.
Height: 9.4 cm
Width: 2.8 cm
Height of platform: 2.3 cm

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