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Middle Bronze I Period Jug

Middle Bronze I Period Jug

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A really nice ceramic container from the Middle Bronze Age I period of the current Jerusalem. It is in nice condition with early encrustations on inside and outside.

Many of the known archaeologic findings from the Middle Bronze I Period are from a few occupational stratas of excavated sites, but even more pieces come from numerous and rich tombs.

Characteristics of the MB1 pottery: The vessels are spherical or barel-shaped without pronounced shoulders. These pottery-vessels were partly made in hand, which explains their uneven body. On many of the artifacts from the MB1 period there were simple incisions as decoration - however this one is rather simple.

Comes with copy of certificate from 1974, Jerusalem.

Culture & Year: Middle Bronze Age I, Holy Lands, 1.800 - 1.400 BC.

Condition: Very good

Height: 9.4 cm
Length/Width: 7 cm

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