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Private Collector & Owner of Antiqua Gallery, Theodor Knutzen

Hey! My name is Theodor and I’m the one who runs Antiqua Gallery with the primary purpose of purveying affordable ancient art and antiquities from the entire world. But with a focus on the RomanGreekEgyptianNear Eastern, Pre-Columbian and Asian cultures. I cover a time span from the stone age to the end of classical antiquity. The Asian and Pre-Columbian pieces are later.

I began collecting when I was about 8 years old, purchasing my first antiques from a dealer in Copenhagen. The collectors mania hit me when I in the extremely messy basement of his shop saw a pre-columbian spear. And with all my curiosity I slowly moved my hand towards the tip of the spear, and just before I reached it, the owner grabbed my hand and told me that it might very well still be poisonous. I just looked up at him, a bit scared but also amazed and intrigued - and that was the moment I became hooked.

The Beginnings of Antiqua

In 2018 I began selling and was lucky enough to receive the help and mentoring from the very same antiquities dealer who sold me my very first antique, who also deals today. In 2019 I went to a fleamarket with him in Copenhagen but quickly found out that wasn’t the road I wanted to go, which is one of the reasons why I chose to focus on the online side of the antiquities business. But it's a bit fun to think about the fact that I had about 30 at the time of the fleamarket, and now there’s more than 100 pieces on my website.

  • Biggest Travel Wish!

    My biggest travel wishes currently is to go to Egypt, Jordan and the South-Americas to seenall the ancient ruins and museums! I’ve always wanted to find something ancientnmyself aswell, so I will probably travel somewhere with a metal-detector and a shovel to go find something antique.

  • Favorite Antiquities & Cultures!

    My favorite antiquities to collect are definitely terracotta fragments & figures, and other earthenware artifacts. Especially oil lamps! Pre-Columbian antiques have
    also always intrigued me a lot. And then like almost everyone else I’m a huge fan of Egyptian artifacts such as Ushabtis, Amulets, Bronze figures etc.

  • What Else?

    Besides just selling antiquities I want to provide a site filled with knowledge. That's why I've made the pages, Book Reviews, Blog About Ancient History And Antiquities, and a Reference List on Sold Antiquities, so that you can browse around, learn a thing or two and just be able to enjoy and appreciate the wonders of the ancient world a bit more.

My Thoughts...

The Variety of Antiquities & Ancient Cultures

My antiquities store is filled with a great many different types of antiquities and ancient pieces of art. This is because I’ve always appreciated the variety that exists in ancient art, and every culture has their own distinctive characteristics. I’ve never stuck to just one single culture or artifact-type, and neither will the offering of antiquities on my website.
Uncover all antiquities for sale here!

My Philosophy...

The Ethos of Antiqua Gallery

I hope by now that you see that I don't aim to acquire and sell the most expensive and rare antiquities on the market, but rather to make it possible for you to build a collection with a larger variety of objects from ethically sourced provenances. 

I also think that it's important that collectors can gain an understanding of the people and cultures which came before us. Because most of our world today is shaped by the people that came before us. From the greeks who furthered humans knowledge of philosophy and mathematics to the Egyptians who built some of the largest man-made structures (and they kept that title for thousands of years).
If you want to have an understanding of why we are where we are today, then it is essential that you know about the cultures that came before us.