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Hello! I'm Theodor, the curator behind Antiqua Gallery, where we specialize in offering affordable ancient art and antiquities spanning Roman, Greek, Egyptian, Near Eastern, Pre-Columbian, and Asian cultures. My journey into antiquities began at the age of eight when I acquired my first piece from a dealer in Copenhagen - a pre-Columbian spear that sparked my lifelong fascination with ancient artifacts.

Me at the (quite small, but interesting) archaeological museum at aarhus university

The beginnings of my interest in antiquities...

I got into antiquities when I was about 8 years old, stumbling upon a wooden spear in an obscenely messy antique shop in Copenhagen. The dealer warned me it might very well still have posison on it, which freaked me out a bit, but also got me totally hooked.

Since then, I've been obsessed with ancient Roman, Greek, Egyptian, Near Eastern, Pre-Columbian, and Asian stuff—always digging into their stories through artifacts. That early experience led me to start Antiqua Gallery in 2019 or so, where I share my passion for ancient history and collectibles with other collectors who get as excited about it as I do.

Me at my first flea market in copenhagen (I'm not talking with a buyer, unfortunately I only sold 2 antiques in 8 hours, but it was a great experience)

My first flea market & starting Antiqua Gallery

In 2018, I started selling antiquities (I had about 15 antiques), and luckily received guidance and help from the very same dealer who gave me my first antique, the wooden spear. The following year, 2019, I tried my hand at a flea market in Copenhagen, where I realized that this wasn't quite the way I wanted to go. This experience solidified my decision to concentrate on the online aspect of the antiquities business. Looking back, it's amusing to recall that I began with about 15 pieces, 30 at the time of the flea market, and now my website showcases more than 100 artifacts.

Me at Leopold museum in vienna (definetly gonna go back there one day!)

The Variety of Antiquities & Ancient Cultures at Antiqua

My antiquities gallery boasts a wide array of ancient artifacts and artworks, reflecting my deep appreciation for the diverse beauty of ancient art. Each culture brings its own unique flair and beauty, which I find endlessly fascinating. I've deliberately avoided limiting myself to one specific culture or type of artifact.

Explore the collection of antiquities now
  • My Biggest Travel Wishes

    They are to go to Egypt, Jordan and the South-Americas to explore many of all the beautiful ancient ruins and museums, as well as experiencing their unique cultures.

  • Favorite Antiquities & Cultures!

    They are are definitely terracotta fragments & figures, and other earthenware artifacts. Especially oil lamps! Pre-Columbian antiques have also always intrigued me.

  • What Else?

    Besides just selling antiquities I want to provide a site filled with knowledge. Hence the pages you can find in the menu under "Knowledge & resources".

The Ethos of Antiqua Gallery

I hope by now that you see that I don't aim to acquire and sell the most expensive and rare antiquities on the market, but rather to make it possible for you to build a collection with a larger variety of objects from ethically sourced provenances. 

I also think that it's important that collectors can gain an understanding of the people and cultures which came before us. Because most of our world today is shaped by the people that came before us. From the greeks who furthered humans knowledge of philosophy and mathematics to the Egyptians who built some of the largest man-made structures (and they kept that title for thousands of years).
If you want to have an understanding of why we are where we are today, then it is essential that you know about the cultures that came before us.

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